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“Vicky Langford is a widow and the mother of a young son. A reporter, she is being stalked and threatened with death as she works on a story about a mobster. Suspenseful and fast paced,” says Barbara D’Amato author of the award winning Cat Marsala series

And Michael Black, author of A Final Judgment and Freeze Me Tender says, “With Lullaby, talented newcomer Sherry Scarpaci has woven a fascinating tapestry involving a complex mystery and every parent’s worst nightmare. This novel is not only a thrill a minute read, it will keep you enthralled and on the edge of you seat until the emotionally charged climax. This one’s a real winner. . . A must read.”

And this from the Library Review Journal: “The Dark Man has been phoning ex-copturned-investigative reporter Vicky Langford since her detective husband died, threatening death. She is now hip deep in an investigation involving the shady dealings of mob boss Richard Blackwell. Could he be the Dark man? Scarpaci’s debut shows real promise for future books.”


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